Just a few basics on using and editing this site

by Stu

If you are logged in correctly there will be an "Edit This Page" button next to the title of page that is currently opened.
Clicking on this button will bring up and editing page with the contents of that page in a box (try pressing it in this window - you can press the Cancel button to return). You can add, remove and change any or all of the text in this box in much the same way that you would do so in a word document.
  • The B, I & U buttons work in the same way as Microsoft word (to make the text bold, italic and underlined respectively)
  • The dropdown box changes the size of the text and can be used for headings
  • the next three buttons create numbered lists, bullet points and horizontal lines
  • The picture of the world with a chain creates a hyperlink (the blue text that you click on), to remove a hyperlink, press the picture of the world with the broken chain
  • To insert an image you first need to upload it (you cannot just copy and paste). Press the image button (it has a pic of a tree) and you can either choose to import an image from the computer you are using (by pressing the browse button) or from a webpage (right click on an image, select 'copy image location' and paste it into text field and press the load button.

To add a page press the "New Page" link at the top of the menu on the right hand side of the page. You will be prompted to enter the desired title of this new page and you will then be taken to an edit page, which you use in exactly the same was as if you clicked the "Edit This Page" button on an existing page.

After making any changes you wish to keep press the Save button on the lower right hand side of screen. You can also preview or save a draft if you wish.

To make a newly created page visible on the Navigation menu on the right hand side of screen you need to edit the Navigation. Simply add a hyperlink (using the button with the picture of the world with a chain over it), type the name of your page in the "link text" field, check the Wiki Link radio button (selected by default) and select the name of your page from the drop down menu. Press "Ok" to add the link and save changes.

Feel free to try anything out on this page, correct spelling errors (I wrote this, so there's bound to be some), or just add random stuff underneath. Don't be afraid to make changes, every page on this site gets backed up with every press of the save button and there is no risk of loosing anything.

Random Discussion:
Nick: Hey Stu, useful information. I decided to take you up on your offer to edit this page. Yay, I am now officially a web designer... right?!
Stu: Not until you can construct a website using nothing but notepad ;-)
Nick: _
/ \ I I / / I I
I I I I I I/ / I_I
I I I I\ \
\ / I_ I \__\ I_I
Stu: ?
Luke: gimme that
Nick: It was supposed to say 'OK!' but i guess the wiki program won't allow more than one space between characters.