As suggested, here is a page we can build on about the slide filament theory. Alex posted a link to an awesome animation of the process on the blog. But, yeah if everyone could add a definition or two, or perhaps a few steps in the process we could get a pretty comprehensive resource going - so edit away!


ACh - Acetylcholine; the neuro-transmitter that transverses the synapse in between the motor neuron and the sarcolemma to bind to a receptor in order to initiate the action potential. It is broken down by Acetylcholinesterase after activating the receptor.
Chemically: ACh is an ester made out of Acetic acid (or ethanoic acid) and choline (which has an alcohol group on one end and an amine group on the other. When ACh is broken down the ester bond is broken and (with the addition of water) the resultants are the ethanoic acid and choline.

Sarcoplasmic Reticulum - Endoplasmic Reticulum of a muscle cell/fiber

Sarcolemma - the cell membrane of a muscle cell

Sarcoplasm - the cytoplasm of a muscle cell

Sarcomere - a bundle of thick and thin filaments